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Rochele Painting

The Client

Rochele Painting

The Brief

A professional, reliable home improvement service who specialise in painting. Rochele Painting provide services with a reputation as the leading premier painting company in Queensland.

The Rochele Painting team wanted to completely digitise their current quote management platform from conception to delivery, with interactive and consumer-focused engagement.

The web job management portal gives the business complete workflow control

The Solution

To overhaul their entire business platform from client enquiry, down to ensuring the most prompt and professional delivery of a customers product, we took it upon ourselves to create not only a scalable and effective administration portal to manage their appointments but built a digitised quote system and even integrated a payment portal (through MYOB) for their contractors and employees.

Estimators and site supervisors create quotes and update jobs in the field

What we learnt

We learnt that digitising a workflow is more then just building a product, the entire business must buy into a digitsed workflow. We took the entire Rochele Painting team on the journey with regular testing and feedback continuously integrated into the project.


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