Sprint Digital Client Portal | Case Study

Business Workflow System

The Client

Rochele Painting

The Brief

A prompt & professional home improvement service who specialise in painting and decorating. Rochele Painting provides residential and commercial services with a reputation as the leading premier painting company in Queensland.

Rochele Painting wanted to completely digitise their quote and job management processes from the initial customer enquiry through to job delivery with an interactive and consumer-focused solution.

Web Application

The Solution

To help us completely understand the business, we visited Rochele’s offices, went out on site with their estimators and supervisors to see just what makes them tick. We found a variety of workflows that they were currently using and were able to completely overhaul them into a complete, automated business process management solution.

The solution included an iPad app to facilitate quoting, invoicing and payroll of the business and an administration web application CRM to manage work schedules, material orders, consumer engagement and payment processing. By doing this we were able to completely eliminate manual tasks the company had been processing by hand and paper for years.

iPad Application

What we learnt

During the build our team rose above and beyond, combining our skillsets across multiple platforms to deliver a flexible and feature rich platform. We learnt about review management systems and built one, we learnt about the demands of calendar scheduling and we learnt the value of customer champions to drive the success of a project within a client organisation. 

Working with Rochele Painting has been a key highlight for our team, with a strong partnership in place we aim to be working with them well into the future.


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