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The Client


The Brief

We have worked with MyFirstGym since the brand's inception. The core goal was to create a platform that inspires movement in children. Our team developed this system from the initial concept to a working MVP through to full launch and ongoing support.



The user app allowing parents and kids view their progress on daily, weekly and monthly goals.

The Solution

The solution includes multiple components based around a customized wearable fitness tracker called 'MyMovementBuddy' that communicates with a mobile app and in club scanner app. These systems communicate with a cloud-based database which powers in club display panels. The system also integrates with a CRM and other third-party providers.

The TMM team also works closely with MyFirstGym as a marketing partner providing campaign support and direction along with continuous technology improvements as the brand evolves.

Sketches of the MyMovementBuddy tracker and accompanying accessories.

What we learnt

We gained valuable insights into technology hardware sourcing, handling bluetooth device communication with up to 30 devices present and supporting a brand from its concept through to franchise support.


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