Two Mates Media is comprised of 13 real humans - No smoke and mirrors!

Our mission is to ensure that our clients receive a unique, well planned and well executed digital solution. We will go the extra mile to ensure our clients are getting the best possible service.

Who are we?

We’re an independent agency of developers, strategists, and digital experts working together to build successful brands. Meet the team:

Photo of Michael Alternative Photo of Michael

Michael Hall


Michael manages the projects team at Two Mates Media with a strong focus on all aspects of product development. His strength is getting things done with zero regard of how much coffee it takes. He is an advocate of building easy to use business solutions.

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Chris Carroll


Chris is an experienced business solutions specialist. Chris keeps in contact with all of our clients and assists them in finding solutions to improve both business efficiency and growth. His years in the field have helped him to build valuable and lasting relationships with a broad range of clients.

Photo of Hoang Alternative Photo of Hoang

Hoang 'Nhi' Ho

Senior Developer

Nhi is a stand out developer with strong skills across a range of technologies. While he has focused on Laravel and is honestly an absolute Laravel ninja Nhi is an engineer at heart and has proven ability to apply himself to any new challenge. Nhi is renowned for taking what seems like complex logic and writing it in less than 5 lines of code.

Photo of Ludivina Alternative Photo of Ludivina

Ludivina Marinas


Ludivina known as 'Divi' is one of Two Mates Media's great discoveries. With experience in end-to-end business application development she knows how to write effective applications and she never backs away from a challenge.

Photo of Jack Alternative Photo of Jack

Jack Ahearn

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jack is the latest marketing specialist to join the team, he has a keen eye for indepth analytics on website traffic and internet advertising.

Photo of Travis Alternative Photo of Travis

Travis Hibble

Front End Web Developer

Travis is our front end artist/magician, give him a structure and he will massage all the elements until it looks pixel perfect! Apart from great skills with code Travis is also a homemade pasta tragic, if you need to talk pasta he's your guy!

Photo of Joel Alternative Photo of Joel

Joel Hutapea

iOS Developer

Joel is a keen iOS developer with experience across multiple web and mobile technologies. He focused on database studies so don't try and take him on in a DB scale off challenge! Joel has a keen eye for iOS design and the user experience.

Photo of Joanne Alternative Photo of Joanne

Joanne Hall

Finance Manager

With 25+ years in administration and finance Joanne balances the books to keep the boffins free from distractions. She is a mad Sicilian with an unbelievable knowledge of all things food.

Photo of Will Alternative Photo of Will

Will Yang

iOS Developer

Will is an iOS veteran, he has built many apps and worked with large companies around the world.

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Darren Zhong

Web Developer


Photo of Will Alternative Photo of Will

Freddie Chen

Android Developer

Freddie has a decade of experience writing everything from machine code for hardware receiving satellite transmissions to Android apps. He knows his way around our software!

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Jonathan Chan

Web Developer


Photo of Will Alternative Photo of Will

Ray Cheng

Android Developer